One thought on “Company Salaries in India

  1. Latece

    Basab I begin from the beginning. 6AM Pacific is a great name for a blog and quislesnentialty reflects the nature of your current and future posts. I am tasked to define the role of a PM (and hire one) in India this actually led me to your wonderful site. I have a few comments on this post and a question it would be great if you or anyone who is reading the blog answers. Comments:1. I have worked with Persistent Systems as outsourcing partners and it has been a great experience.2. I am from XLRI, Jamshedpur and it always cringes when people omit to mention XLRI in the same spirit as IIMs I have great respect for my Alma Mater and people, you would do good, if you hire from XLRI as well Question:What should be the role and job description of Product Manager, if hired in India for a Product Company, based and having market in the US and Europe? What would be the key responsibilities that would keep them productively engaged?FYI I am a Product Manager for the same company, based in the US and to hire a PM is our approach to improve communication protocol. Is this a good scenario to even hire one PM in India?Long shot at that Thanks,Amita

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